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Zugunruhe Experience: Leave the Nest,
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The word Zugunruhe is a term derived from the German language that is best used to describe anxious behavior found within migratory birds seeking to take flight. Many of us have felt this same feeling at some point in our lives when things feel stagnant and a change needs to happen. At Zugunruhe Experience, we are the change that students have been seeking.

Zugunruhe Experience does not just offer student travel programs for some students, we offer student travel programs for every student.

Education Through Travel

We understand that education through travel isn’t available to every student, so we’ve decided to do our part in changing that. As a non-profit student travel organization, our goal is to impact underserved youth in communities that wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel otherwise. On each and every trip that we take our students on, our goal is to create the change for them to break the cage and open up the possibilities in their world. We implement educational initiatives through unique and challenging outdoor travel excursions that allow our students to discover the world and follow these four principles along the way:
  • Leadership
  • World View
  • Communication
  • Hard Skills
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Sponsor a Student or Donate to Their Trip

We do our part in making educational travel opportunities available to students and facilitate those experiences once they’re outside. Join us in helping support our students and either sponsor a student or donate to a trip now:

  • Sponsor a student
  • Donate to a trip
  • Donate gear
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